Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Journey to fitness!

For the longest time Hubby and I have been making excuses and assuring ourselves that we would 'eat better and make time for exercise' ...AS IF. we generally eat quite healthy at home (Granola bars, Yoghurt, fruits & veggies) ... our biggest issue is eating out ... we do it all the time and it's gouging a hole in our pocket... which takes us full circle to our OTHER excuse for not exercising as much as we should... COST. with two kids in the home, me going to school and Hubby working for minimum wage, Cost is  WAS a huge concern... but if you think about it ... we were spending more eating out that a gym membership would be (about $100/month for both of us after startup costs) 
Sounds a little backwards right? ...we decided to make a change for ourselves... we want to set a good example for our kids and be able to keep up and playplayplay all day with them

New Shoes (x2) - $100.06
New Gym Bags (x2) - $44.33
Gym Clothes (2 sets + Sports Bra) - $68.00
Towels (x2) - 22.76
Mini - Febreeze Bottles (x2) - $3.94
1st and last weeks membership paid up front (x2) $127
gym membership (x2) $ 106/ month
Living a long life, being able to keep up with my kids, and loving myself, just a little more; PRICELESS!

*I should also note, ... most people won't necessarily have these initial costs.. I'm sure most people have appropriate shoes (we didn't - we only really wear skater shoes) Towels, gym strip and bags ... but we decided to treat ourselves! we deserve to look and feel great while making this Life changing transformation! 
I'll be tracking our progress and schedule periodically. Hubby just got back from his first workout and says he is feeling great :) I can't wait!!

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