Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Foster Pups # 3 & 4 - Rambo & Yoda {Status; Adoptable}

Rambo and Yoda are Corgi x is their mother, Cookie, who was found pregnant and abandoned in a house in the US ,... the puppies are now 9-10 weeks old and doing very well
This is Rambo, named for both his Energy (incredibly rambunctious) and his personality (go-go-go & in your face) he also has quite the napoleon complex!
LIKES; Chasing the cat (Typical Herding characteristics of the Corgi), Picking fights with his brother, gnawing on his chewy toys and rawhide, and using the litterbox as a cookie Jar !
The Size comparison of Yoda & Rambo ... Rambo is less than half the size of Yoda !!

 We've named This little Boy Yoda - He is a wise old (young) soul - he is very alert and responsive and eager to be trained and is relatively calm (compared to his brother)
 Likes; Rawhide, cuddling, herding the cats with his 'little' brother and pats.

Both these Lovelies are neutered up to date with shots,... We are currently working on pee-pad training, training them not to jump up, and 'Go Lay Down'

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