Thursday, January 26, 2012

Milkbank Callback!

Back in November, My Mother mentioned a milk bank commercial she had seen during the news, saying they were in desperate need.  I called around to get more info on donating, and  found out that My Town has a Milk Bank Drop-off location 
I called the office and left  message and a brief message about myself. I was very nervous about my eligibility, because Diabetics aren't able to donate blood or organs (two things I really was hoping to do in life and, subsequently, death ) Come December, I called again, and, again, left a message. I had all but given up, Discouraged and assuming they simply hadn't bothered calling back an ineligible Diabetic. A few days ago, I got a CALLBACK! How exciting. They asked me a few questions; 
  • Do you Drink?
  • Smoke?
  • Use street drugs?
  • How old is your baby?
  • Are you on any medications? (Apparently Synthetic Insulin is on the safe list!)
After answering the questions, the lady on the phone informed me that I was 'Their kind of Mama' ...Great to hear after convincing myself I wouldn't be able to.It won't be easy At the moment, Baby K drinks between 6-8 oz of milk while I am at school, After every feeding I pump (I usually end up pumping 3x / day to a total of 6-8 oz ...which is JUST covering what Baby K is taking from our stash... Meaning I'm going to need to pump twice as long to Cover What Baby K is eating plus Donation Milk. ((We can do This!!))

How the Milk banking process works is ;
Donors 'save up' 100oz of milk prior to the screening process (because of the high cost of the screening process - I'm guessing to ensure that interested parties are able to produce enough to make it worthwhile)
The potential Donor undergoes some blood-tests including but not limited to; HIV-1, HIV-2, HTLV-1, HTVV-2, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
The milk is pasteurized
then distributed to carefully selected and prioritized mothers and babies.

 So far, Kairi and I have Approximately 40oz in the freezer.

"Got milk? The BC Women's Milk Bank is accepting deposits.
Canada's only breast milk bank collects, pasteurizes, stores and dispenses milk to mothers who are ill, on medication or who have undergone surgery and are unable to breastfeed.
And for the tiny recipients the difference human milk makes is one of life and death. "They've tried formula and just don't tolerate it," due to allergies, gut surgery, cardiac surgery or kidney problems, said Frances Jones, coordinator of the B.C. Women's Milk Bank."

If you want to learn how to Donate, Either milk or Funds, to the BC milk bank, Alberta Milk Bank or Other Canadian Milk banks, or to become a recipient Go HERE 

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If you are Located in the USA, you can contact the BC Woman's milk bank, to be put on their list of recipients, however, Americans are not able to donate (Milk) to Canadian Milk Banks, as it is not possible to verify the Blood Test Reults

If you are in the USA Visit the HMBANA (Human Milk Bank Association of North America) HERE to See if there is a Location near you !

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If you would like to make a small monetary contribution to our baby-saving efforts, please Don't hesitate to donate --- The Milk Storage bags are not paid for, and, unlike the USA, Canadians aren't compensated for Breast Milk (Please make sure to put into the notes section what the donation is for - Thank you!!) Any funds donated will go directly to Milk Storage bags.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Etsy Shop Spotlight; Kangaroocare


Varja of KangarooCare is a SAHM Mommy of 2, Who specializes in making Nursing Necklaces and pendants (Which, Personally, I can see being used as 'everyday' necklaces - beautiful and fashionable for Mama's everywhere - Nursing or not) Which she Custom makes Lovingly by hand in her home in Estonia, Tallinn.The Buttons Varja Sells and incorporates into her Nursing pendants, are made by local woodworkers from organically grown Estonian wood. 

 Oak Wood, Juniper Wood, Apple Wood------Color Selections---

Many pieces are Customizable - for the pendants, the customer gets to choose the Type of button they use as the focal point of the necklace (Available in Oak Wood, Apple Wood and Juniper Wood ) as well as a color for the large bead. (I chose Lavender and Juniper)

 Varja Sent me this  BEAUTIFUL Etno Mama Nursing Necklace to review. 
I chose the Lavender Bead and the Juniper focal piece ...I am in Love. The smell of the juniper is just DIVINE, and the necklace itself is very sturdy and well made.

 The Cord is made of unbleached organic natural white (incredibly soft) cotton, and is quite long, allowing you to choose where the necklace sits.

 Not just for nursing mama's These beautiful necklaces can entertain even bottle fed babes .  Anyone (Mama or Not)  would love to receive one of these, and in a cotton drawstring bag The necklace comes ready to gift.  Varja Also Sells Children's Necklaces, Teething Toys, Pacifier clips, and Buttons. At $6.00 - $33.00 you can find something for any budget! .

Check out The KangarooCare Etsy Shop HERE

I was provided, Free of Charge, a Etno Mama Nursing Necklace  from Varja at KangarooCare free of charge, for review purposes. My review was not influenced in any way. 

Peace, Love, and Happy Shopping!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

WELCOME! --- Friendly Friday (Weekend Long) Blog Hop

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Missin' My Blog!

Wow, sorry for anyone who noticed I've been somewhat ...absent lately (anyone, anyone??)

I have SO much going on - last week on Wednesday, we got our first foster doggie in, his name is 'Appleton'

(Get it? head Chihuahua - Clever, right ;) )  He is Such a sweet little boy, he has very obviously been abused and we had a very unsure first few days, ... poor baby. I don't know who could do that to an animal - especially one so TINY... with such a HUGE desire to please his human counterparts, all he wants is to be LOVED. He deserves it.

I am fostering Appleton from Sheriff's Rescue - if you are interested in Adopting him or another dog 
(psst, they are always looking for more fosters) please contact Angela - I know she'd LOVE to hear from you

Then, on Friday, we Took the kids Swimming, (Baby K's 1st time!) we only stayed for about an hour, but K didn't fuss or cry - She was LOVING it! (I sometimes take her in the shower and bath with me) She didn't even flinch when the Obnoxious little boys came splashin' around. 

 Uncle D, Baby K, Big T, Mama Krystyl, Daddy Ryeno

Then, On Monday, I had my first day of SCHOOL! I am going to MTI community College studying to get my Certificate for ECE (Early Childhood Education) I plan to with work in a Daycare center or as a preschool Teacher. Eventually I plan to get my degree in Infant Toddler or Special needs - Maybe both? I honestly don't know how to choose. 

 (The 'Award' Big T built me for getting into College) 

I am now also planning Big T's 6th Bday party!!! (Shh, Don't tell, It's a surprise!) we're having it on his ACTUAL Bday ... Jan 21st At the McDonalds Playplace - it's great, they pretty much do everything, and it's really affordable. We had originally made tentative plans to go to a monster-truck show, ...the commercials said 'Vancouver' ... for his bday Weekend, ....well, that was Vancover USA. ...OUR Vancouver is not until Feb 4th - That won't fly. 

I have also been SUPER busy checking my Mail daily... I've received many packages containing my Review and giveaway Items,  check the 'Giveaways' box on the right hand side to see the dates! 

I have SO many plans for upcoming posts including (But not limited to)  
Handwashing routine 
Fostering Pup's 

Peace, Love & Missin' Ya'll 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

WELCOME! --- Friendly Friday (Weekend Long) Blog Hop {01.12.12.}

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Monday, January 9, 2012


I've been Tagged by Tots and Me I am a Long(ish) Time follower of her blog ..She's got some GREAT Blog Hops set up on her page ... go check em out!

The Tagged Rules; 
  • Post these rules.
  • You Must post 11 random things about  yourself.
  • Answer the questions the tagger set out for you in thier post.
  • Create 11 new questions for the people you've Tagged to answer.
  • go to their blog and tell them that you tagged them.
  • Please refrain from putting 'You've been tagged if you are reading this one likes that , and it comes off spammy ;)
 11 random things about me; 
1. I am Diabetic
2.I've been a (Step) Mommy Since I was about 16 years old
3.I graduated Highschool a year late...but, I did it!
4. I love the outdoors; Hiking, Canoeing, kayaking,  camping, fishing,
5. I am a crafty Hoe ... I LOVE finding new mediums in which to express myself creatively.
6. I have recently developed an allergy to shrimp.
7.I LOVE animals, and wanted to be a veterinarian when I was a child.
8. I am IN LOVE with Tea ...absolutely addicted. My favorite flavors are 'Magical Roobois' and 'Ginger Peach'
9. I love to read. I am currently on book four in the Meredith Gentry series by Laurel K. Hamilton 'A Stroke Of Midnight'
10.I LOVE folding Laundry. I did it for my Dad (and my little brothers) even after I moved out!
11. I am Canadian.

My Questions; 
How did you meet your S.O?
My BF (at the time) and my (Now Husband)'s GF and Baby Mama were friends and Co-workers... 
long story Short the 4 of us (5 if you count Big T) ended up living together for a few weeks ---- it sounds scandalous but wasn't like that. ((WOW that sounds confusing))
What is your favorite Sport to watch?
...Pass? ... Honestly, the only sport I like to watch is one that Big T is playing :) 
If you had a choice would you live in the city or country?
COUNTRY .... Bonfire in the back yard...  a chicken coop .... maybe a duckpond ... My dream-life really :)
Where would you go on a dream vacation?
Probably a Disney Cruise to somewhere warm :)
What is your favorite fast food restaraunt, and why do you prefer to order there?
Well, I worked at McDonalds before I got pregnant, so RARELY eat there,  and BK is right near my place, so it's my Go-To fast food place :) 
What is  your favorite Genre of Books?
Not sure what it's called but it's a Combo of  Sexy/Supernatural/Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Do you prefer Winter or Summer?
Hmmm....Autumn ;) 
Do You have any Bad Habits?
I am SERIOUSLY a Choco-Holic ... :) 
What is your Favorite Time of day ?
Late Afternoon... When Big T gets Off School! 
How Old where you when you got your first car? What was the make and model?
I dont drive! :) I've never owned a car! 
What's your favorite kind of Doughnut?

Questions for those Who have been Tagged;
  • If you had to eat 1 food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
  • What is your favorite household chore?
  • what is your favorite holiday?
  • What is the best gift you've ever been given?
  • What was/is your favorite subject in School?
  • How is it goin' today? 
  • What is your favorite Movie?
  • Whats your favorite Scent?
  • Whats your favorite Candy?
  • What is your preferred Genre of Music?
  • Do you have kids? if yes, how many ? (If no are you TTC, Not ready, Not interested?)

People I am tagging; 
A life Unscripted
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** There is no Obligation to Play along if you Don't wanna .... if you'd like to me delete you from the list, let me know and I will :) **

Peace& Love

Friday, January 6, 2012

Normalizing Breastfeeding.

You have probably seen (Or heard) of the Sesame street & Breastfeeding clips that have recently been going viral on Facebook & the Blogspere.((If you haven't ...or even if you have; Read on!))
I first saw it on a FB Breastfeeding support group I'm a fan of (I believe it was The Leaky B@@b)
Had posted a video of a 70s episode of Sesame Street Featuring The Character Buffy Sainte Marie, a Popular Singer/Songwriter  who was featured on the Show for many years, Breastfeeding her son Cody. 
NOW, if you had told me two years ago ... that someone was BREASTFEEDING ON SESAME STREET!?! I honestly DON'T know what I would have thought (The Image that  probably would  have come to mind is somewhat similar to 'GirlsGoneWild' featuring the residents of Sesame Street staring and panting)


I believe that to be a very Typical reaction of North American Culture, considering almost EVERYONE with the exception of Direct relatives of Breast-fed babies sees breasts as sexual objects as opposed to the best  source of nutrition available to babies, as nature intended. 
 I am a much more mature person that I was 2 years ago ... (Obviously)
and, being a breastfeeding mother, I Believe naturalizing our culture to Breastfeeding and the god-given intention of Breasts is VITAL. I FELL IN LOVE with this video, It is SOOO tasteful and was very Reminiscent of when Big T first saw me breast feeding. Big bird's reaction and questions seem a very Typical reaction of a child ...and is almost a mirror image of our Dialouge.

 Here it is; 1977 - Buffy Nurses Cody (Thanks for Sharing  )

Then, sometime in the 80's (Judging by her hair) we have Maria Nursing Gabriella
(VERY similar to the Big Bird / Cody / Buffy Clip) 

For Whatever reason, there was never one filmed in the 90's or since.
The clips were never pulled from TV and there were no complaints.
I would LOVE to see a breastfeeding clip on modern Children's shows... such as sesame street. It could not possiby do any harm, as Children don't understand sex... They Don't need to. I think if Nursing / Breastfeeding was portrayed in the Media (Sesame Street even ;) ) if Children were to be exposed to breastfeeding, it  would be a step in the right direction for naturalizing our culture to breastfeeding. I think it's pretty much too late for our generation, but we can consider ourselves pioneers,  Nursing Mothers should not be confined to Dirty washrooms (or clean ones for that matter) and Lonely bedrooms to keep our children happy or healthy.

I am very passionate about this subject (If you couldn't tell from the wall-of-text above) and am trying to take action (Despite my own personal phobia of public 'exposure' ) as much as possible so that in the future, Breastfeeding mothers need not feel the terror I currently experience when I feed my Child.

There is a petition on Bringing breastfeeding back to Sesame Street,
HERE in which (SO FAR) 80% of people have voted 'YES' ...
Please go and Place your vote ... I'm certain that though this petitaion has no legal standing,
it will give sesame street producers an idea ... an Idea that I would LOVE to see come to fruition.

Peace, Love and Happy Nursing,

Thursday, January 5, 2012

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Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years 2012 Resolutions

Ok, Lets face it, ...who ACTUALLY follows resolutions? In fact, I had all but given up and decided NOT to even think up any (For the past 5 years it's been to lose weight... and those aspirations go out the window before February.) However; one of my favorite Mama Bloggers The Sparkle Mama Has truly inspired me with her words  this is what she has to say;

"...2 months of eating right then slipping back to old habits is better than eating crap for those 2 months! I say, trying to reconnect with yourself and do things that bring you happiness for a few months then forgetting to is better for you than doing nothing lift your spirits! So maybe give that resolution another chance and try to bring change...."

....So true! She has SO inspired me ... we put wayyy to much pressure on ourselves and when we come to expect what we see as failure, we give up completely... to be quite honest I am ashamed at myself. I have so many areas in which I want to better myself, so whether or not I stick it out till the end, what better time to TRY than a fresh, new year? And hey, this may be my year.
So here it is; my new years resolutions list
  • Catch up on scrap-booking. ( I haven't done any scrap-booking for over a year ... the last couple pages I did was just after I got pregnant, and Baby K is almost 5 months already!!! 
  • Be More Social!! .. I totally feel like a hermit,... my comfort zone is my home, and I feel very uneasy about having people in my home...not sure why. I have many friends I haven't seen in years - Facebook is a crutch. I feel connected to these people, but it's not enough. 
  • Get a college education. I start school in less than 2 weeks ... I am going to get my certificate for Early Childhood Education (Wish Me Luck?) Ideally, I'd like to get my Diploma, but have to choose Either Infant/Toddler or Special Needs as my Specialty.(How to choose?!)
  • Be more Healthy. I am not going to concentrate on the weight. I think watching the scale puts too much pressure on me, and really makes me lose focus of whats important. All I am going to focus on is  being more active and being more conscientious of what I am putting into my body as well as portion control. 
  • Update my ID ...**LAZY BRIDE ALERT** I've been married almost 2.5 years and my ID all still has my Maiden name (not to mention all my photo ID is expired... ) I was pretty heartbroken when  my baby's hospital card had to read 'Baby Waechter' instead of 'Baby Olson' ... I know it didn't really change anything... but I am sentimental like that.
  • Do more for the community. My plans; Donate Breast Milk and Foster Rescue Dogs
  • Change the world. ..No pressure though right? I'm not talking solve world hunger or forge world peace, I am thinking more along the lines of using my blog and my actions in positive ways, spread some awareness about Cloth Diapering for example. I LOVE running of some statistics off about cloth Diapering (Specifically the money saving aspects) when people ask ... it is so satisfying seeing the light-bubs go on above their heads and you just KNOW they're going to go home and do some research. Another way I plan on changing the world... and this one is going to be more tricky... Is BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC. *Dundundun* I fully support Mama's Right to feed their babes in Public... in fact, I feel very passionately about it... does that make me a hypocrite? I try DESPERATELY not to feed in public... I jut don't have the self confidence... AND YET, I believe if more people did it, Society would normalize towards it.. and insecure mama's (Such as myself) Don't have to be terrified of rude comments and evil glares. of all of my resolutions, this one is going to be most difficult for me.

  • Teach Myself to Crochet 
  • Get My sewing machine Tuned up and take a course in sewing (eventually I'd like to start sewing Cloth Diapers, Wipes and Pads for Charity.)
  • Start going to the Gym / Swimming 
  • Get & Keep my HA1C under 6 (Diabetes thing ;) ) 
  • TBE (( I'm sure I'll be adding more ))

There it is Folks, My 2012 Resolutions... I hope to do an update in the summer to let you all know how I am doing. Also a huge 'Thank you' Shout out to Sparkle Mama for inspiring me this year