Monday, February 13, 2012

Rockin Green Laundry Detergent {Review & Giveaway}

Rockin' Green is a household name in the Cloth Diapering world. For those Considering Cloth Diapering, the prospect of having to use 'Special' Laundry Detergent can be intimidating, and is certainly a check in the 'Cons' List when considering pro's and Con's. Rockin' Green Makes it easy with their 3 different formulas - Soft Rock (For Soft Water) Classic Rock (For Middle-of-the-road water) and Hard Rock (for Hard water)
 all of which can be used on Regular Laundry as well as cloth Diapers. Rockin' Green also has special formula detergents; Femme Rock  (For Mama Cloth) and Dog House Rock  (For Pet Bedding & Toys).

Rockin' Green is probably the most popular Diaper Detergent out there which isn't hard to believe when you consider  all their AWESOME (natural!) scents;

  • Smashing Watermelons
  • Rage against the Raspberries
  • Motley Clean
  • Earth Wind and Orchids
  • Lavender Mint revival
  • Barenaked Babies (Unscented)
    As well as occasional 'Limited Editions' and Seasonal Scents
If you're really clever you may have noticed the very Subtle Music Theme goin' on - Fun Ey?
For my review I was sent Earth Wind and Orchids (So yummy!) and decided to 'Rock' a Soak ...
The pictures kind of speak for themselves. (These were Dirty Diapers - Not Clean)

I've used RNG before and have never been disappointed. It gets my Diapers really Squeaky clean and is great at lifting stains.
Something I did notice when doing my 'Hand washing Experiments' (Post coming soon!) was that RNG was somewhat harsher than others and if not rinsed sufficiently - Though this is NOT a problem for people washing with machines - .can lead to diaper rash. If You are Hand-washing, I find Using RNG to be INCREDIBLY helpful - the extra Awesome cleaning power is invaluable. Just be sure to rinse well.
Another Thing I love about RNG is that the scents make Laundry time Much more pleasant - but are by no means overpowering - And when the laundry (Whether its everyday 'Darks & Lights, Cloth Diapers, Mama Cloth or Pet Bedding) dries it smells CLEAN. not Perfumey (Not a word, I know, Just Gimme this One Kay?)

Love it!

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I received three sample packs (pictured above)from Rockin' Green in exchange for an honest review based on my opinion and impression of the products. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are 100% my own.


  1. I wish this comp was open to the uk

    1. Sorry! - I feel your Pain though - I am in Canada and so many Blog giveaways are US only - Try checking out the Rockin' Green UK facebook page. :)