Friday, April 13, 2012

ECE poem. {Pandas}

My ECE teacher made a great point the other day, that it is usually easier to make up your own poem (for circle time, etc) to suit your curriculum/theme/study area than to scan Google for days upon days ... HOWEVER if ECE's and people studying ECE well as people in similar fields were more open to sharing, I think it would make it even easier. Here is my awesome poem.

Panda bear

Black Bear Black Bear, 
White Bear too! 
Lives in China, 
Eats Bamboo 

Back Bear, Black Bear, 
White Bear Too, 
Rarely seen creature, 
We Love You !

Somehow, after I printed my text (or rather, after cutting and pasting) I realized I was missing a line... OOPS! ...Oh well >_<
Stay tuned, I plan to share an original 'Krystyl Olson' storybook!

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  1. What a GREAT idea to make your own poem oh my I have SOOO been there as a teacher, googling and googling just hoping to find the right poem or article or story to match my concept!!! I should just do more of my own work!! :)
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