Monday, April 16, 2012

Pico De Gallo {Recipe}

Pico De Gallo is a fresh Salsa's a great way to eat healthy and a perfect alternative to preservative filled store bought salsa and dips and other upside is that there are many ways to customize it.

This is the recipe I used;

  • 5 Medium On-the-Vine Tomatoes (other kinds of tomatoes can be substituted) 
  • 3/4 of a large White onion (can sub purple)
  • 1 lime (Juice)
  • Bunch on Fresh Cilantro 
  • Salt


  1. Chop tomatoes to salsa sized bits (removing seeds) 
  2. Slice & Dice Onion very fine.
  3. Remove Stems from Cilantro and Slice & Dice very fine. 
  4. Mix together 
  5. Add lime juice
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Add optional ingredients (See Below) 

    Optional Ingredients; 
    Green Onion
    Fresh Garlic
    Jalapeno (very commonly used, but we left it out :) )
    Hot sauce
    Tabasco Sauce
     Hubby suggested Black olives

    Serve on Tacos, with Chips or Crackers  - Crack open a Carona (or, in this nursing mama's Case, a Lime + ice water) and enjoy!

    Saturday, April 14, 2012

    Our Journey to fitness!

    For the longest time Hubby and I have been making excuses and assuring ourselves that we would 'eat better and make time for exercise' ...AS IF. we generally eat quite healthy at home (Granola bars, Yoghurt, fruits & veggies) ... our biggest issue is eating out ... we do it all the time and it's gouging a hole in our pocket... which takes us full circle to our OTHER excuse for not exercising as much as we should... COST. with two kids in the home, me going to school and Hubby working for minimum wage, Cost is  WAS a huge concern... but if you think about it ... we were spending more eating out that a gym membership would be (about $100/month for both of us after startup costs) 
    Sounds a little backwards right? ...we decided to make a change for ourselves... we want to set a good example for our kids and be able to keep up and playplayplay all day with them

    New Shoes (x2) - $100.06
    New Gym Bags (x2) - $44.33
    Gym Clothes (2 sets + Sports Bra) - $68.00
    Towels (x2) - 22.76
    Mini - Febreeze Bottles (x2) - $3.94
    1st and last weeks membership paid up front (x2) $127
    gym membership (x2) $ 106/ month
    Living a long life, being able to keep up with my kids, and loving myself, just a little more; PRICELESS!

    *I should also note, ... most people won't necessarily have these initial costs.. I'm sure most people have appropriate shoes (we didn't - we only really wear skater shoes) Towels, gym strip and bags ... but we decided to treat ourselves! we deserve to look and feel great while making this Life changing transformation! 
    I'll be tracking our progress and schedule periodically. Hubby just got back from his first workout and says he is feeling great :) I can't wait!!

    Friday, April 13, 2012

    ECE poem. {Pandas}

    My ECE teacher made a great point the other day, that it is usually easier to make up your own poem (for circle time, etc) to suit your curriculum/theme/study area than to scan Google for days upon days ... HOWEVER if ECE's and people studying ECE well as people in similar fields were more open to sharing, I think it would make it even easier. Here is my awesome poem.

    Panda bear

    Black Bear Black Bear, 
    White Bear too! 
    Lives in China, 
    Eats Bamboo 

    Back Bear, Black Bear, 
    White Bear Too, 
    Rarely seen creature, 
    We Love You !

    Somehow, after I printed my text (or rather, after cutting and pasting) I realized I was missing a line... OOPS! ...Oh well >_<
    Stay tuned, I plan to share an original 'Krystyl Olson' storybook!

    Wednesday, April 11, 2012

    HenHare Collar Scarves {Review + Giveaway}

    COLLAR SCARVES! ... What. a. concept. !!
    They slide over top of the collar so they can't fall off or get lost, and because they are so simple and lightweight, your pet will hardly notice them! .. they are great for upping your pet's 'everyday' fashion quotient as well as enabling them to better celebrate the seasons and holidays with HenHares seasonal collections.
    Ashley makes these adorable collar scarves in sizes small enough to fit Cats & Kittens up to Great Danes ! (as well as for thinner and thicker collars)
    Check out my Models below; 

    Rambo (wearing a cross between  small and extra-small (cat size)  & Yogi Wearing a small
    These boys are Corgi x

    Ashley at HenHare Sent me these BEAUTIFUL custom Collar Scarves in a gorgeous Blue Batik Print ... I am in love. These Collar scarves are beautifully handmade with love, ... the decorative stitching pulls it all together (Pun Intended - I'm Cool Like that!) beautifully

    Twofie sporting the small (She's a Chi x Puggle x LH Doxie)

    Ok, Pic-happy, I know - Sorry to any of my Dial-up Readers! ...Last one - promise!
    (((for the record, CATS SUCK as models... but they look equally cute in these things!!)))

    I lied. But....

    For those of you that follow our Fluffy Foster adventures; Yogi/Yoda and Rambo have found their forever homes! - don't worry, I'll have more stories to share later this week when I get a new foster !!! (Twofie is my Fluffy Sister - and the cats are permanent residents)

    Check out What Henhare has to offer!

    Saturday, April 7, 2012

    Scrappy Sunday #1 {Special Delivery}





    Wednesday, April 4, 2012

    Wordless Wednesday {Family Dinner}

    Foster Pups # 3 & 4 - Rambo & Yoda {Status; Adoptable}

    Rambo and Yoda are Corgi x is their mother, Cookie, who was found pregnant and abandoned in a house in the US ,... the puppies are now 9-10 weeks old and doing very well
    This is Rambo, named for both his Energy (incredibly rambunctious) and his personality (go-go-go & in your face) he also has quite the napoleon complex!
    LIKES; Chasing the cat (Typical Herding characteristics of the Corgi), Picking fights with his brother, gnawing on his chewy toys and rawhide, and using the litterbox as a cookie Jar !
    The Size comparison of Yoda & Rambo ... Rambo is less than half the size of Yoda !!

     We've named This little Boy Yoda - He is a wise old (young) soul - he is very alert and responsive and eager to be trained and is relatively calm (compared to his brother)
     Likes; Rawhide, cuddling, herding the cats with his 'little' brother and pats.

    Both these Lovelies are neutered up to date with shots,... We are currently working on pee-pad training, training them not to jump up, and 'Go Lay Down'

    If you Have any questions about Yoda or Rambo
    feel free to contact me on my personal Email
    If you have questions about Adopting a rescue Dog or becoming a foster parent,
    Get in touch with Sherrifs Rescue
    VIEW ADOPTABLE PETS  Don't see what you're looking for? - Contact
    Angela Enns @ or Yvonne Hayward @
    to see if they can't find the perfect pet for you.

    Sunday, April 1, 2012

    Foster pup #2 {Jake} Status; Adopted

    This little guys came to us from another of Sherrif's rescue FABULOUS Foster mama's
    his energy and personality didn't fit in well with their busy household so she had to make the decision to send him to another foster... How lucky am I that I ended up with him?!? I am in TOTAL love /swoon.

    We had Jake for 3 days and two nights before he was adopted by my Lovely Stepmomma, Carrie :)

    Jake was totally great with kids and had a great (though very high) Energy about him. I had my little brother, Caleb over to do some Observations on him for homework (Early Childhood Education... You know ...) and Jake GLOM'd Himself right onto him. When my Older-little brother, Nicholas, came to pick Caleb up, Jake Greeted him excitedly... I told Nicolas that he was up for adoption and to tell his Momma.
    I got a phone call THAT NIGHT.  ... Jake had made quite an impression on both the boys and Carrie said she wanted to meet him.

    When she came to meet him, she said "I want him" within 5 min.s of seeing him. ... I knew she would

    I went to visit Jake (Now named Johnny) today, and he is doing great ... his big sister Twofie (pictured above) is tolerating him alot better than originally and he loves getting snuggled. They are working with him as he still gets 'nippy' when very excited and jumps up on the back of people's legs when greeting them 9in excitement, not lust)