Sunday, April 1, 2012

Foster pup #2 {Jake} Status; Adopted

This little guys came to us from another of Sherrif's rescue FABULOUS Foster mama's
his energy and personality didn't fit in well with their busy household so she had to make the decision to send him to another foster... How lucky am I that I ended up with him?!? I am in TOTAL love /swoon.

We had Jake for 3 days and two nights before he was adopted by my Lovely Stepmomma, Carrie :)

Jake was totally great with kids and had a great (though very high) Energy about him. I had my little brother, Caleb over to do some Observations on him for homework (Early Childhood Education... You know ...) and Jake GLOM'd Himself right onto him. When my Older-little brother, Nicholas, came to pick Caleb up, Jake Greeted him excitedly... I told Nicolas that he was up for adoption and to tell his Momma.
I got a phone call THAT NIGHT.  ... Jake had made quite an impression on both the boys and Carrie said she wanted to meet him.

When she came to meet him, she said "I want him" within 5 min.s of seeing him. ... I knew she would

I went to visit Jake (Now named Johnny) today, and he is doing great ... his big sister Twofie (pictured above) is tolerating him alot better than originally and he loves getting snuggled. They are working with him as he still gets 'nippy' when very excited and jumps up on the back of people's legs when greeting them 9in excitement, not lust)

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