Monday, May 7, 2012

Diaper Storage

One of the things people tend not to consider when choosing to cloth diaper is the Storage - Comparatively speaking, cloth diapers take up about double as much as their disposable counterparts ...
not really a huge deal, but something every cloth Diapering family has to deal with in their own way ... I've seen MANY elaborate setups posted in many of the cloth diaper groups - however I've neither the space (in our teeny 2 BDRM Apartment) nor the money - Here's my solution to our Cloth Diapering storage issue;
I picked up this nifty little shelving unit on sale at Canadian tire for under $20 ... usually about $40 (SUPER affordable) it is totally customizable (you can stack it up, like I did, put it 2x2 to make a big square, or even have them lining horizontally) and if necessary, you can buy more than one set and combine etc. because we have such little space, I put it straight up, and in the living room for easy access. On the top, I have some picture frames with pics of the kids
In the first unit, I have my AI2's(unstuffed) pockets and inserts/doublers Pictures is about 1/3 of my stash .. another 1/3 is drying on the line and another 1/3 is in the wash
On the second unit, I added a shelf (purchased at the dollarstore) the mini shelf holds Cloth wipes (which I have since moved to an empty wipes container), Bum spray, wipe water concentrate tabs, baby legs, baby leggings,crazy leggies and cloth diaper safe creams
in the second unit, I have Fitteds, Covers, AIO's and prefolds as well as a container of disposable wipes (now that we have more leggies/socks in the small unit, we store our cloth wipes and a small bottle of prepped wipewater in a wipes container.
The last 2 shelves; in one, I have a 12x12x12 softsided box filled with baby odds and ends ... some hats, cloths, outfits, a small blankie and burp cloths. on the very bottom one, I store all my Doggy stuff. Shirts & sweaters, brush, shampoo poo bags etc. in a shoebox and food. VOILA! There it is, my Budget friendly space-frugal storage solution for your cloth Diapers and baby basics!

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