Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 26th Bday to my Husband of 2 years and Love of about 5 ...
Here we are at RedRobins for Big Dad's Birthday Dinner - Excuse the keys (lol)

I wanted to Say a little Blurb about my AMAZING hubby and all round partner-in-crime. 
Ryan (Ryeno) is there for me no matter what,.. He supports me in ALL of my endeavors no matter how skeptical he may be (*cough*clothdiapering*cough*) and NEVER says 'I told you so' when my ambitions and hopes are a little too high. ... though we sometimes share a knowing smile... we get through everything together, when they say 'Through thick and thin' ... well, we take that seriously. Ryeno has saved my life (Literally) more times than I can count During Diabetic Episodes Though he was afraid of needles when we met it was important for him to know how to inject me in case of emergency, ... he's come a long way and now gives me my injections regularly.
Ryan is now a 'Virtual' Agent for his employer and works from home, saving him an hour and a half daily commute. He is now able to be home for dinner every night, and is able to help around the house alot more, the best part? I get to spend more time with him... I am also going to be going to college in January and him working from home is going to make that possible.
Ryan has helped me immensely in the last few weeks getting my blog going. he's a coding genius! and is considering  getting some formal education on the subject. 
He ALSO has a fledgeling blog of his own, Ryeno's MMO, Gamin and Review I'd love for you to follow him and Tell Him 'Happy Birthday' 

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