Saturday, December 17, 2011

Etsy Shop Spotlight; Dear Baby Donna Creations

Dear Baby Donna Creations

Mary Ellen of Dear Baby Donna Creations started out by making her own baby items while pregnant after realizing How cost effective making her own things could be (saving about 2/3 of the cost of some items!) She started out making Baby Wraps (which can cost up to $200 on Amazon $29-$34 on DBDC) and then branched out to Amber Necklaces (can cost up to $33.95 on Amazon 8.99 on BDDC - THAT'S LESS THAN 1/3 of the price! )
Dear Baby Donna Creations now makes and Sells EVERYTHING you can think of for babies (And Toddlers)
  • Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces
  • Taggy & Toddler Blankets 
  • 3in1 & 4in1 Carseat covers 
  • Bibs
  • Nursing Covers 
  • Baby Wraps & Mei-Tei Carriers
  • Cloth Diapers & Inserts
Did I mention EVERYTHING she makes is Custom made for YOUR baby?

What I am REALLY excited to share with you guys is her HUGE list of DEALS!!! (12 days of Christmas Style)

11- buy 3 bibs get 1 free
10- Buy a taggy blanky and a toddler blanky and get free Shipping
9- Buy any blanket of any kind and get a free matching bib!!
8- Buy any blanket of any kind and get a free matching bib!!
7- Buy a carseat cover and a baby blanket set get a diaper free!!
6- Buy 1 gift set get a free baby Carseat carrier cover free!!
5- Buy a blanket set get a free teething necklace
4- Buy 2 diapers get one FREE!!!
3- Buy a gift set get an extra Taggy blankie FREE!!!
2- Christmas special is $3 off shipping on any one item!!
1- FREE shipping on baby blanket set!!

This Massive Sale is going on until December 23rd @ Midnight (ONLY 6 DAYS LEFT!! )

I originally Contacted Mary Ellen of  'Dear Baby Donna Creations' about the possibility of a review and Giveaway, and though she's stretched pretty thin in terms of giveaways (SHE'S CURRENTLY SPONSORING 3!!!) I am hopeful for a chance to work with her in the future!

PSST. There is Also a $40 GC Giveaway on their FB page Dear Baby Donna Creations for which you can get extra Entries/points for purchases
...ALSO if you 'Like' Dear Baby Donna Creations facebook Page, Be sure to let her know that I (Krystyl from Krystyl N' Co) Sent you ... If I can generate enough Traffic to her page, we might just hold a Giveaway!!


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