Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years 2012 Resolutions

Ok, Lets face it, ...who ACTUALLY follows resolutions? In fact, I had all but given up and decided NOT to even think up any (For the past 5 years it's been to lose weight... and those aspirations go out the window before February.) However; one of my favorite Mama Bloggers The Sparkle Mama Has truly inspired me with her words  this is what she has to say;

"...2 months of eating right then slipping back to old habits is better than eating crap for those 2 months! I say, trying to reconnect with yourself and do things that bring you happiness for a few months then forgetting to is better for you than doing nothing lift your spirits! So maybe give that resolution another chance and try to bring change...."

....So true! She has SO inspired me ... we put wayyy to much pressure on ourselves and when we come to expect what we see as failure, we give up completely... to be quite honest I am ashamed at myself. I have so many areas in which I want to better myself, so whether or not I stick it out till the end, what better time to TRY than a fresh, new year? And hey, this may be my year.
So here it is; my new years resolutions list
  • Catch up on scrap-booking. ( I haven't done any scrap-booking for over a year ... the last couple pages I did was just after I got pregnant, and Baby K is almost 5 months already!!! 
  • Be More Social!! .. I totally feel like a hermit,... my comfort zone is my home, and I feel very uneasy about having people in my home...not sure why. I have many friends I haven't seen in years - Facebook is a crutch. I feel connected to these people, but it's not enough. 
  • Get a college education. I start school in less than 2 weeks ... I am going to get my certificate for Early Childhood Education (Wish Me Luck?) Ideally, I'd like to get my Diploma, but have to choose Either Infant/Toddler or Special Needs as my Specialty.(How to choose?!)
  • Be more Healthy. I am not going to concentrate on the weight. I think watching the scale puts too much pressure on me, and really makes me lose focus of whats important. All I am going to focus on is  being more active and being more conscientious of what I am putting into my body as well as portion control. 
  • Update my ID ...**LAZY BRIDE ALERT** I've been married almost 2.5 years and my ID all still has my Maiden name (not to mention all my photo ID is expired... ) I was pretty heartbroken when  my baby's hospital card had to read 'Baby Waechter' instead of 'Baby Olson' ... I know it didn't really change anything... but I am sentimental like that.
  • Do more for the community. My plans; Donate Breast Milk and Foster Rescue Dogs
  • Change the world. ..No pressure though right? I'm not talking solve world hunger or forge world peace, I am thinking more along the lines of using my blog and my actions in positive ways, spread some awareness about Cloth Diapering for example. I LOVE running of some statistics off about cloth Diapering (Specifically the money saving aspects) when people ask ... it is so satisfying seeing the light-bubs go on above their heads and you just KNOW they're going to go home and do some research. Another way I plan on changing the world... and this one is going to be more tricky... Is BREASTFEEDING IN PUBLIC. *Dundundun* I fully support Mama's Right to feed their babes in Public... in fact, I feel very passionately about it... does that make me a hypocrite? I try DESPERATELY not to feed in public... I jut don't have the self confidence... AND YET, I believe if more people did it, Society would normalize towards it.. and insecure mama's (Such as myself) Don't have to be terrified of rude comments and evil glares. of all of my resolutions, this one is going to be most difficult for me.

  • Teach Myself to Crochet 
  • Get My sewing machine Tuned up and take a course in sewing (eventually I'd like to start sewing Cloth Diapers, Wipes and Pads for Charity.)
  • Start going to the Gym / Swimming 
  • Get & Keep my HA1C under 6 (Diabetes thing ;) ) 
  • TBE (( I'm sure I'll be adding more ))

There it is Folks, My 2012 Resolutions... I hope to do an update in the summer to let you all know how I am doing. Also a huge 'Thank you' Shout out to Sparkle Mama for inspiring me this year


  1. Love your list! And I think it's all attainable. Good luck to you in 2012! And I can't wait to read some of your changing the world posts!

  2. Thanks for the love :)
    - Krystyl

  3. You got this! I think these are great resolutions. Good luck in the coming year :)

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  5. As the Mother of Krystyl, and Nana to her Co. I just want to say that Krystyl is an amazing woman. She is such a wonderful mother to her children... to all children. She is a devoted wife to her Husband as well. Krystyl never fails to amaze me as she copes with being a young Diabetic Mother and Wife in this high stress world we live in. She sees the good in everyone and everything. If there were more women like Krystyl in the world .. our world would be a much happier, safer and greener place to raise our children. I am sure Krystyl has no idea how many people are effected by her.. and there are many. The number keeps growning everyday because of this blog. She is an intelligent, understanding, and outgoing person who loves to help people. I was blesed the day Krystyl was born and have felt blessed every day since then .. I just hope that she, one day, realizes just how rare and wonderful a woman she is.. She should be proud of who she is and what she does. Thank you Krystyl.. for being you and sharing your wisdom with the world.. You Rock!

  6. D'awwww, Momma, you made me cry! :)

  7. What great resolutions! Congrats on going back to school. A bit of advice from a former teacher on picking your specialty. Work with the kids. Your heart will tell you what to do ;D

    I taught myself to crochet last month! It is so much fun. Here is a post I wrote about it and it has some links to sites that were super helpful.

  8. Great resolutions! I need to get working on mine! I'm hopping back over from my FB page and am a new follower :)


  9. Great goals! Btw, thanks for hopping by my blog last week. I am following back.