Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Missin' My Blog!

Wow, sorry for anyone who noticed I've been somewhat ...absent lately (anyone, anyone??)

I have SO much going on - last week on Wednesday, we got our first foster doggie in, his name is 'Appleton'

(Get it? head Chihuahua - Clever, right ;) )  He is Such a sweet little boy, he has very obviously been abused and we had a very unsure first few days, ... poor baby. I don't know who could do that to an animal - especially one so TINY... with such a HUGE desire to please his human counterparts, all he wants is to be LOVED. He deserves it.

I am fostering Appleton from Sheriff's Rescue - if you are interested in Adopting him or another dog 
(psst, they are always looking for more fosters) please contact Angela - I know she'd LOVE to hear from you

Then, on Friday, we Took the kids Swimming, (Baby K's 1st time!) we only stayed for about an hour, but K didn't fuss or cry - She was LOVING it! (I sometimes take her in the shower and bath with me) She didn't even flinch when the Obnoxious little boys came splashin' around. 

 Uncle D, Baby K, Big T, Mama Krystyl, Daddy Ryeno

Then, On Monday, I had my first day of SCHOOL! I am going to MTI community College studying to get my Certificate for ECE (Early Childhood Education) I plan to with work in a Daycare center or as a preschool Teacher. Eventually I plan to get my degree in Infant Toddler or Special needs - Maybe both? I honestly don't know how to choose. 

 (The 'Award' Big T built me for getting into College) 

I am now also planning Big T's 6th Bday party!!! (Shh, Don't tell, It's a surprise!) we're having it on his ACTUAL Bday ... Jan 21st At the McDonalds Playplace - it's great, they pretty much do everything, and it's really affordable. We had originally made tentative plans to go to a monster-truck show, ...the commercials said 'Vancouver' ... for his bday Weekend, ....well, that was Vancover USA. ...OUR Vancouver is not until Feb 4th - That won't fly. 

I have also been SUPER busy checking my Mail daily... I've received many packages containing my Review and giveaway Items,  check the 'Giveaways' box on the right hand side to see the dates! 

I have SO many plans for upcoming posts including (But not limited to)  
Handwashing routine 
Fostering Pup's 

Peace, Love & Missin' Ya'll 

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