Thursday, January 26, 2012

Milkbank Callback!

Back in November, My Mother mentioned a milk bank commercial she had seen during the news, saying they were in desperate need.  I called around to get more info on donating, and  found out that My Town has a Milk Bank Drop-off location 
I called the office and left  message and a brief message about myself. I was very nervous about my eligibility, because Diabetics aren't able to donate blood or organs (two things I really was hoping to do in life and, subsequently, death ) Come December, I called again, and, again, left a message. I had all but given up, Discouraged and assuming they simply hadn't bothered calling back an ineligible Diabetic. A few days ago, I got a CALLBACK! How exciting. They asked me a few questions; 
  • Do you Drink?
  • Smoke?
  • Use street drugs?
  • How old is your baby?
  • Are you on any medications? (Apparently Synthetic Insulin is on the safe list!)
After answering the questions, the lady on the phone informed me that I was 'Their kind of Mama' ...Great to hear after convincing myself I wouldn't be able to.It won't be easy At the moment, Baby K drinks between 6-8 oz of milk while I am at school, After every feeding I pump (I usually end up pumping 3x / day to a total of 6-8 oz ...which is JUST covering what Baby K is taking from our stash... Meaning I'm going to need to pump twice as long to Cover What Baby K is eating plus Donation Milk. ((We can do This!!))

How the Milk banking process works is ;
Donors 'save up' 100oz of milk prior to the screening process (because of the high cost of the screening process - I'm guessing to ensure that interested parties are able to produce enough to make it worthwhile)
The potential Donor undergoes some blood-tests including but not limited to; HIV-1, HIV-2, HTLV-1, HTVV-2, Syphilis, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
The milk is pasteurized
then distributed to carefully selected and prioritized mothers and babies.

 So far, Kairi and I have Approximately 40oz in the freezer.

"Got milk? The BC Women's Milk Bank is accepting deposits.
Canada's only breast milk bank collects, pasteurizes, stores and dispenses milk to mothers who are ill, on medication or who have undergone surgery and are unable to breastfeed.
And for the tiny recipients the difference human milk makes is one of life and death. "They've tried formula and just don't tolerate it," due to allergies, gut surgery, cardiac surgery or kidney problems, said Frances Jones, coordinator of the B.C. Women's Milk Bank."

If you want to learn how to Donate, Either milk or Funds, to the BC milk bank, Alberta Milk Bank or Other Canadian Milk banks, or to become a recipient Go HERE 

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If you are Located in the USA, you can contact the BC Woman's milk bank, to be put on their list of recipients, however, Americans are not able to donate (Milk) to Canadian Milk Banks, as it is not possible to verify the Blood Test Reults

If you are in the USA Visit the HMBANA (Human Milk Bank Association of North America) HERE to See if there is a Location near you !

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If you would like to make a small monetary contribution to our baby-saving efforts, please Don't hesitate to donate --- The Milk Storage bags are not paid for, and, unlike the USA, Canadians aren't compensated for Breast Milk (Please make sure to put into the notes section what the donation is for - Thank you!!) Any funds donated will go directly to Milk Storage bags.


  1. This is such an awesome thing. If I had produced enough I would have totally donated milk. I hope the screening process goes well for you.

    I have awarded you the Liebster Award. Go here to check it out

  2. You are a true Altruist!! You are such a great Mother, and a wonderful human being for all the truly amazing things you do for others on a daily basis. I am so proud of you! I am blessed with such a great Daughter.!! I know how much you have going on.. on any given day and yet you always find time to do what you can for people you don't even know. All I can say is Wow.. you ROCK.. !! Keep up the good work.. !! :) Congratulations on the Liebster Award!.. If anyone deserves an award .. You DO!
    Love you...