Monday, February 27, 2012

Appleton ~ Rescue Pup Needing Home


 Peach Colored Apple Head Chihuahua 

 I have been Fostering Appleton for a few weeks now, and he's ready to find a Furever Home
Appleton is SUCH a sweet little boy.... though it is very obvious that he'd been abused before coming to Sheriff's Rescue ... He is very Timid at first, (especially towards men)  and tends to bark at strangers in the house.
He is working more and more towards being housebroken .... he has the odd accident in the house, but fares pretty well with the puppy pads. Appleton would do really well in a home with good structure (He KNOWS our schedule - as soon as I get home from School each afternoon, he wants to go out,... . and doesn't let me forget.
Appleton is great with the kids But I think he would do better with older children (5 years+) as Tristan is old enough to understand 'Gentle' and Kai is too young to do any harm.
Appleton is also Cat friendly, he growls at our cats (Lint & Leo) when they get too close, and Bark when they try to eat his food, but all in all, he's great with them.

Appleton is SUCH a cuddlebug ... he absolutely Loves to snuggle up under blankets (Sometimes I don't even know he's under there) His favorite spot in the house is cuddled up in my pillows on my bed.
Appleton is very well Crate/Kennel Trained (In fact, he'd be happy to be *allowed* to spend the whole day in there - I literally have to kick him out of his kennel in the morning....)

Appleton's Stats;
He is...
  • (Almost) House Trained 
  • Neutered 
  • Up to Date with Routine Shots 
  • Good With cats 
  • Good with (Most) Kids 
  • Crate Trained  

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  1. Poor little creature! Hope he finds a good home to be taken care of!

    1. I am happy to announce Appleton has found a wonderful home where he is very loved, despite his quirks and even has a furry sister in the form of a bunny named Naomi :)