Thursday, February 23, 2012

365 Projects Challenge

I have always considered myself to be fairly Crafty...  Though NOT at all artistic. to me there is a difference.
Crafts can sometimes have an artistic feel to them but to do a craft, to me, is to follow a set of steps and instructions to produce an specific outcome (Similar to doing a recipe - you follow the instructions, use the listed ingredients and it is done when your timer dings)

I found an Article on The Etsy Blog called  365 Projects: Creating Every Day for a Year 
and found it VERY intriguing ... and just a TEENSY bit unrealistic. I decided to take on the challenge - in my own fashion (*cough-half-assed-cough*)
I thought 'How can I do this?' and came up with doing a project a day and posting 7 pictures of my projects once a week .... But then, what about the projects that take more than a day? ... with That thought and a little Deterrent from Hub's (He kindly reminded me how often I bite off more than I can chew) ....
 I decided instead of committing myself quite so much to a craft a day... to pick my favorite project of the week (Be it a recipe, a craft, or something T & I do together)
and do a little write up on it (Post the recipe, How-to, my inspiration etc)

I am a big fan of Cut out & keep  ...I will most likely Creep it daily for inspiration - Check it out! its awesome. I'm Definitely  also going to have to check out Pintrest... I just have a hard time figuring out new sites. Know of someplace I can find some inspiration? Share in the comment section below!

"Today could be the day that you decide to start your own 365 project. You could inspire yourself and others with the art you make. You could find devotion. You could find an obsession. You have to start to start somewhere."

I think this will be a Thursday thing --- See ya Thursday!!

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