Thursday, March 1, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Thursday {Cross-stitch}

Remember How I said I was going  to spotlight an original creation each week? 

I present to Y'all

 For those that Don't know what a Murloc is; 
(Thank you Wow-Wiki for the reference pic!)

Basically a Froggie/humanoid Baddie From The Wonderful world of Warcraft
...I kinda love 'em 

my version below;

This week, I decided to post a Crossstitch project I created for my husband... I really wish I had thought this project through a bit more.... it's just done on a scrap of Aida cloth so looks a little ratty along the edges... reason being is that I was mostly just experimenting with this... I had only ever done Cross-stitch on Plastic canvas  I must say, I REALLY enjoyed doing the smaller scale needlepoint on Aida Cloth. It takes a bit longer, and some skill. :) 

I'd love to hear your opinion below ; Constructive criticism Greatly appreciated ( Yea, I'm one of THOSE people.) 
I think I caught the Musculature (particularly in the arms and legs) well. The eyes, however, bother me quite a lot. Though The markings are kind 'Off' I like how they look on him (or...her?) 

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  1. I love the Murloc you made.. very creative... I too did cross stitch and needle work when I was your age... It is very nice to receive these projects as gifts as the receiver knows just how much time and effort was made in the creation of them.. Very nice Krystyl!!